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  music > > Narodni hora, pesni i rychenici - mp3
Vtora chast
Narodni hora, pesni i rychenici - mp3
Vtora chast

Product: #37129
Categories: Folklore Music
Serial id: SM 0306
MK number: 54979
Released: 2010

Price CD: 10.50 lv.
  Currently this product is not available.

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Tracks: mp3 sample audio sample video sample
Konushenski naroden orkestyr - Ilianova rychenica---
Ginka Ivanova - Kitka rodopski pesni:
  • Sam, saminka
  • Rusa belo batiuva
  • Todore
Ork. Horo - Krivo dajchovo horo---
Ana Borisova - Georgi mama si dumashe---
Ork. Avligite - Kopanica---
Ork. Marica - Rada---
Ork. Zdravec - Pohvali se Dimo---
Ork. Briz - Patak avasy (tropanka)---
Ork. Varnenci - Dobrudzhanska rychenica---
Ork. Horo - Severniashko dajchovo horo---
Formacia Zvezdi - Dimcho le, gajdardzhijche le---
Ork. Komiti - Ganka---
Ork. Radost - Izvi se horo---
Ork. Briz - Teniovata stara majka---
Ork. Rodopski solisti - Kukuvichka---
Savka Sarieva - Iunache ludo i mlado---
Konushenski naroden orkestyr - Izpoved---
Ana Borisova - Zlatku le---
Vencislav Penev - Meanite, majko---
Ork. Orbita - Tri pyti pomina, milo libe---
Ana Borisova - Sviata obich---
Ork. Horo - Rychenica Ogosta---
Ork. Briz - Pravo horo---
Stoian Pejchev - Milo mij, mamo, drago mij---
Velichka Staneva - Zaspala malka moma---
Ork. Edelvajs - Stanka zheravi---
Marina Ilieva i Veliko Mihalev - Ia, daj mi mamo---
Stoian Pejchev - Stoian mama si dumashe---
Georgi Germanov - Krivi raboti ne shta---
Ork. Horo - Dylgo horo---
Ork. Perla - Slynchice milo, mamino---
Ork. Varnenci - Zhenish ma, mamo---
Georgi Germanov - Liube le, Irinko---
Zlatka Stavreva - Pripadnalo, Stoiane le---
Ork. Briz - Diado na baba dumashe---
Ana Borisova - Prochula se Biala Stana---
Konushenski naroden orkestyr - Konzurova pesen---
Ork. Rodopski solisti - Bekiro, libe---
Savka Sarieva i Rumen Rodopski - Momne le---
Kichka Hristova - Dve posestrimi---
Formacia Zvezdi - Kyde hodish, Nedo---
Ginka Ivanova - Kitka trak. pesni:
  • Momne le
  • Indzhe prez gora vyrveshe
  • Ivan Kalinka dumashe
  • Mamo mila, mamo
  • Stanke le, goliam diavole
Ork. Marica - Milkova rychenica---
Ork. Avligite - Kakva se e prolet---
Georgi Germanov - Dimo se Shishkov ubiva---
Zlatka Stavreva - Dona za slama hodeshe---
Velichka Staneva - Nazlyn Dena---
Ork. Perla - Ianka mama duma---
Ork. Zdravec - Svatbarsko horo---
Marina Ilieva i Veliko Mihalev - Dimityr si konche stiagashe---
Kichka Hristova - Po zhetva---
Ork. Briz - Mande le, hubava---
Ork. Horo - Elenino horo---
Stoian Pejchev - Sybra se horo goliamo---
Konushenski naroden orkestyr - Pazardzhishki melodii---
Formacia zvezdi - Piesh li vino---
Ork. Radost - Kalino, Kalinke---
Ork. Rodopski solisti - Podranila Cena---
Ork. Avligite - Aman, aman---
Vencislav Penev - Dujni mi, dujni---
Formacia zvezdi - Petyr kolelo dialashe---
Ork. Briz - Dajchovo horo---
Formacia zvezdi - Stoiu na mama dumashe---
Georgi Germanov - Kalino mome---
Ork. Perla - Doshlo e---
Ork. Zdravec - Mari Dimitrolio---
Formacia zvezdi - Mari Irinke---
Ork. Kamchia - Pejte i igrajte---
Kichka Hristova - Iasno slynce---
Formacia zvezdi - Ganka na mama---
Kichka Hristova - Nikola kara dikania---
Ork. Edelvajs - Zazhynala mi Stanka---
Marina Ilieva i Veliko Mihalev - Dimityr Dafinka dumashe---
Ork. Horo - Myr male---
Arif Gavaz - Vleznala e Niushka---
Ork Marica - Levent Georgi---
Formacia zvezdi - Iskat me, mamo---
Formacia zvezdi - Trygnala mi Milena ---
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